i bet romney votes for himself. 

Good news! I just uploaded the footage I took while playing spin the Faygo at Motaku! 

So be expecting that in about 20min. 

LOLWOT? Motaku 2012 by ~Anigirl246

Alyson…why don’t I remember this? 

And here it is, my photo set of the candid butts I took pictures of. 

Motaku 2012, Kansas City, MO



Picture with my gf and I in cosplay.

Okay, I got some info coming at you.

 Motaku Con is going to be here in almost a week and what that means is:

  • Troll make-up tutorial- I will do a walk through video on how I do my make-up.
  • Homestuck fan videos- My friends and I will be making videos while in cosplay, some good stuff. (This might include character monologues)
  • A weekend of absences from me.
  • Con pictures and videos!

 The last two are not that big of deals, while the first two I hope you are excited about!

This is just a heads up and maybe a shout out to others that will be going to the con!

Here’s my cosplays for the weekend:

Friday- Dave Strider/raver!Dave

Saturday- Vriska (possible raver)

Sunday- Jane Crocker

I can’t wait!



Representing Beached Miami,
we’re up on Churchill’s stage.

Totally Wicked Gnar Poster by Brian Butler of The Upper Hand Art.

I totally forgot to make a post about this but here is the mask that duct-tape99

made for me. Even though I didn’t get to wear to the ball at Naka I still think it’s flippin sweet!

All the other photos I never posted. 

Got a 360 shot of morgan showing off the guns. 

Naka 2012

gamzis and I

naka 2012

Me as Vriska-Homestuck

Naka-con 2012